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hello venus(ot6) + gifs for kpopdany

♡ ot6

no matter what happens, hello cupids will be with you always

As ot6 !! thank you for the past 2 years thank you for working hard and making good music for us hello cupids, thank you for everything. Even though hello venus won’t be the same we will always support you girls (ot6)  no matter what. please continue to achieve your dreams and please always be happy. 

yoo ara ♡ yoonjo ♡ wishing you the best!

I'm so so so distraught that Yoonjo is leaving HV.. this is so sudden i dnt even know how to take this in.

I understand dear TT  TT I thought HV’s long hiatus was merely a hiatus. I never imagined this kind of thing would happen. 

However, please don’t be too despondent. Yoonjo still has future activities. This heartbreaking news doesn’t mean we won’t be able to see Yoonjo (and Ara) again. Pledis and Fantagio must have their reason to come to this decision.

Let’s continue to support all six of them! :’) 

♡ ot6